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The foundation of Poona Hoteliers Association was formed following the desire of Hoteliers in Pune to unite into a common platform and to look after their common interests in Pune, the Association has thus evolved into a united entity. Very often we use the acronym PHA which has become synonymous with the title of our Association. Poona Hoteliers Association has now more than 70 members in its fold and is growing, just as our vibrant city.
The Poona Hoteliers Association represents Owners, Directors, General Managers and Stakeholders of operating Hotels and has extended membership to certain Associates such as hospitality institutes which are closely connected with hotels in Pune.
We are privileged to be the sole representing body of hoteliers in Pune and are proud to have almost all Pune hotels as members of the Association.
Our activities include General Members Meetings with invitee guest speakers, followed by interaction in the meeting with fellowship.  We had such meetings regularly with leading personalities from the Government and dignitaries from the Corporate world. We shall continue to invite top Government Officials and knowledgeable persons from within the Industry to have interaction, these will go a long way in strengthening the Association and in a way solve certain common problems which are faced by the Member. 
We hold a Gala Annual Nite annually with Members which is a fun filled entertaining event to mingle and strengthen bonds and ties between themselves. 
We further believe that the growth of this industry also especially depends on availability of trained manpower. To meet this demand we hold several seminars and training programmes on operational topics for the staff and executives of the member hotels which facilitate this cause. We are extremely proud to announce that on many occasions the knowledge bank from within the Pune Hotels has been tapped and we have conducted many seminars which have been conducted by the Department Heads and even General Managers from our hotel members.
We actively seek better privileges and concessions for our Members and are in pursuit of the latest trade related information and trends.